Thursday, November 7, 2013

Veterans Day Guest Speaker

Renaissance was fortunate to have Patrick talk to us today.  He shared his story and some of his life lessons.  Here's what Renaissance students said about Patrick, and the lessons they learned from listening to him speak. 

"He was a proud soldier and he should be. He talked about some good things about the Army and told us about the bad things. He even showed us pictures of his bullet wound. I had to go up to him and thank him for what he did for our country, I was proud to shake his hand."

"I really enjoyed having Patrick come to talk to us. I like listening to him tell us about how war was and what happened. I found it really interesting to listen to his life experiences. I liked when he showed us things that meant a lot to him. His story really touch my heart how he wasn't afraid to tell us what happened in his life."

"A life lesson I connected with was how I take the things people give me for granted.  That was a lesson a learned because he talked about how he didn't realize how much he needed family support until it was all gone."


"While listening to Patrick speak, I felt that he was a real hero. I think that he was trying to show us that serving our country is a great thing to do. He also showed us that school is very important. He was talking about how he wished he had gone to collage and then go to the army. He said that school is very important in out lives. That education is very helpful."

"He showed us some of his military coins, which I thought was pretty cool. He made the presentation, touching, and interesting and I enjoyed it. "

"He mentioned something about having to go for long runs, workouts, and training in the freezing cold. I believe that shows complete perserverance. He mentioned that a couple of times we wanted to stop and leave but he knew that wasn't an option for him. When he got back from war he went back to college. I think that shows that you are never too old to get a good education and if you put your mind to something you can exceed."

"Patrick really inspired me. He made me want to do better in school. He made me think of what my future would be like if I did just enough to get by.

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